The unique formula for Kardovite was developed by diabetic pharmacist Sam Ibrahim, the result of a lifetime of expertise in herbal medicine. Ibrahim’s training began in Germany, where he was educated in pharmacy science and studied herbal medicine for five years. Using what he had learned, he opened his own pharmacy practice in Edmonton, Alberta, practicing for over thirty years.
Placing particular importance on the circulatory system as the foundation of good health, Ibrahim went by the motto “Kreislauf ist alles” –circulation is everything. By the year 1999, Ibrahim’s reputation had grown, and he was asked by a representative of the Chelation Association of Alberta to develop a product specifically for heart and circulatory health. Rising to the challenge, Ibrahim spent the next two years researching herbal extracts, searching for an ideal formula to benefit the heart and improve the function of the circulatory system. The result was Kardovite.

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Convenient Capsules: 2 months supply

Kardovite Capsules 180s

1 Capsule 3 times daily with food or as directed by a physician.

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Easy Absorb Liquid: 2 months supply

Kardovite Liquid 100ml

Take 20 drops orally, three times a day, or as directed by a physician.

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Diabetes and Your Circulatory Health. Learn about the importance of your circulation for your health and vitality and how diabetes is attacking it every day.