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I started using Kardovite for my circulatory system. I feel more energized and every time I see the doctor my blood-work results are excellent. In the past I would get periodic chest pains lasting about a week which have gone away since I’ve started using Kardovite Clayton Dagneau, 46 - Penticton, BC

As a diabetic with poor circulation, I know Kardovite is keeping me from blockages and keeping me from amputations and further problems. I had gum disease so badly that within the past year all my teeth were removed and replaced with dental implants. I know periodontal disease can lead to heart disease, but so far I’m not sure if my heart is damaged. When I was in pain after implant surgery, my blood pressure was very high and I depended on Kardovite to bring it down so I would not end up in the hospital. My implants are healing and I’m sure healing faster using Kardovite despite my diabetes and poor circulation. Many times my feet are numb and I take Kardovite and instantly feel warmth and better circulation in my feet.

Max Johnson - Jarrell, Texas

My cholesterol was high so my physician put me on Statins, which I never liked and pleaded to get off of. Two years ago I found out about Kardovite, and have been using it ever since. My overall health is better and Kardovite has lowered my cholesterol and my blood pressure. I’m walking more as a result of higher energy and better circulation.

Everette Pouencey - Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Dr. Black from Virginia told me that taking Kardovite for 6 months would add 5 years to my life! He is a good doctor who believes in alternative medicine, and was a Chiropractor before he became an MD. After about a month of using Kardovite I could tell a difference and felt stronger. Both my triglycerides and my cholesterol have come down. I’m going to keep using this product even though 6 months have long passed!

Gary Bellamy - Johnson City, Tennessee

*Results may vary by individual

My next door neighbor is a physician and he recommended Kardovite to me because of my high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. I used it daily for a year and a half when I decided to stop taking it briefly, but after 3 days I felt very lethargic. I started back on it and my energy came back right away – I don’t know where I would be without this product.

Charlotte Frisina - Corry, Pennsylvania

I began using a competing product in 2003 to help with my blood pressure. I switched to Kardovite six years later after hearing it recommended by a doctor on a radio show I listen to regularly. Uncorrected my blood pressure systolic reading is 170. When I started on the competing product it dropped to 150, but after switching to Kardovite it dropped to an acceptable 130 and has stayed there ever since.

Eleanor White, 72 - Hamilton, Ontario